Monday, June 17, 2019

CrossFit Feral – NW – CrossFit

This week, we’ll be re-testing some baseline benchmarks.

Starting our week in a build to a heavy three-rep back squat. We started our training cycle off with a 3-rep moderate, and today we’ll establish a heavy.

Following, conditioning in the form of a mid-range sprint effort comprised of double-unders, air squats, and rowing.

Congrats to team Hustle & Muscle on 1st place at our 5th Annual Member Mash! This is Coach Brad’s second year winning…way to go!!!


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Rounds:


5 Walkouts

4 Spiderman + Reach (each side)

3 Bootstrappers

Into 2 Rounds:

1:00 Jump Rope

10 Hip Swings (each leg)

10 Lateral Hip Swings (each leg)

10 Wall Squats


1:00 Deep Squat w/Ankle Stretch


On the first day of our cycle, we completed a wave series that finished with 3 reps at 80%. Today, we are building to a 3-Rep Heavy. Rest as needed between sets, with a recommended wave build.

Back Squat (3-rep heavy)

3 Reps @ 70%, 1 Rep @ 75%

3 Reps @ 75%, 1 Rep @ 80%

3 Reps @ 80%, 1 Rep @ 85%

Following our single at 85%, let’s make a judgement call from here. At this point, we have touched a good range of weights, and we may be drawing close to our attempt. If we would like to climb a bit higher, we can absolutely do so for another single. Give ourselves 2-3:00 rest, and let’s make our attempt.


Escape from Wonderland (Time)

3 Rounds:

75 Double-Unders

50 Air Squats

25/18 Calorie Row

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